The Grange Players | Group Rules


A membership form should be completed and held by the group.

Once a person becomes a member of the society he/she is required to pay a weekly subscription whether or not he/she attends meetings. Subs may be paid weekly or for any period of time in advance that the member so wishes. Should any member become 4 weeks in arrears with subs, he/she will receive a written reminder. This procedure will be repeated should that member become 8 weeks in arrears. After 12 weeks of non-payment that person will be considered no longer to be a member of the society.

Should a member wish to leave the society for personal reasons for any length of time, that member is required to give a written resignation to the Committee. That person is then of course at liberty to rejoin at any time in the future should he/she so wish.


Adult members of the group who directly work with the junior members are required to have a DRB check made – to be renewed every 3 years.


For Health and Safety reasons appropriate clothing is to be worn at all times and the junior section will wear a prescribed uniform.


There will be no smoking in any part of the Grange Hall.
Children under 14 years old are not permitted in the Bar area.
The Director is responsible for making sure that the lights are turned off at the Hall after rehearsals and all doors are locked and the Hall is left in the condition it was found.


Members of the cast of a production are expected to arrive for rehearsals in accordance with the Director’s wishes. If a member is unable to comply with these wishes for any reason, he/she is required to inform the Director in advance of the rehearsal.